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Dragon Rise New Energy Limited

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About us

Established in 2019, Kingtop New Energy Limited is responsible for trading and processing of Silica sand with processing factory in Fujian Province China. By processing the Silica sand, the photovoltaic glass is made and can be used in collecting solar radiation to generate electricity. Hence, our company is also continuously invested in a leading electric charging station in Shenzhen and partnered with British Petroleum. With the fast-developing electric transport, we believe that Hong Kong as well as in the Greater Bay Area have a huge potential in building electric charging stations.

Electric Vehicle Charging Spots in Hong Kong

The market of electric vehicle charging spots is facing a shortage in Hong Kong while the demand of charging is much larger than the supply of charging spots. Therefore, in order to tackle this issue, we have invested in a leading electric charging station in Shenzhen and hoping to expend it to Hong Kong in future. 

Number of Electric Vehicles Charging Station in Hong Kong

As at the end of June 2023, (according to the Environmental Protection Department,) there are 6,142 charging stations available for public use in Hong Kong, including 3,596 medium-speed charging stations and 1,022 fast charging stations, distributed across the 18 districts of Hong Kong.

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Number of Electric Vehicles in Hong Hong

As at end of Jan 2024, the total number of EVs is 79,580, representing about 8.6% of the total number of vehicles. At present, 299 EV models from 16 economies have been type-approved by the Transport Department. These include 232 models for private cars and motorcycles, 67 models for public transport and commercial vehicles.

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