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Elite Frame Limited

Elite Frame Limited focuses in investing Modular Intergrated Construction ("MiC") business. We noticed that MiC has become one of the innovative construction methods so we aim to promote this business in Hong Kong. As of 1Q 2024, we have total contract sum over HKD$1 Billion on hand including a joint venture project with a major main contractor in Hong Kong. 


Modular Intergrated Construction ("MiC")

MiC helps to ease some of the current challenges faced by the local construction industry. In this method, free-standing integrated modules (completed with finishes, fixtures and fittings) are manufactured and assembled in a factory. By transferring on-site construction processes to a controlled factory environment, buildings can be substantially completed off-site. The adverse impacts of weather conditions, scarce labour resources and site constraints can all be substantially reduced. MiC provides a great degree of production quality control, and can improve construction productivity, safety and sustainability.

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